TW3 Digital Wealth Producers

My Story

I’ve been in the Industry for almost 20 years now.  I had initially started with becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Liveops, Arise, West (no longer in business), and a few networking and affiliate marketing brands.  Well, approximately four years ago, I crossed paths with what was called LeadNetPro (LNP) which were the tools Terry Wilson was using back then, but he had something that distinguished him in in the marketplace.  He had a Call Center.  This is something which I’ve always wanted for myself to be able to hire individuals who believed they were the best at what they did…sales and customer service!


Well in my development as a Digital Entrepreneur which took some time, I’m proud that I have partnered with the TerryWilson3 brand which will allow me to be coached and trained under him to become a Master Lead Generation Specialist.


This may not be your ambition, however, as a Coach and Trainer, it’s our job to help you find your niche.  You know the sky is the limit when it comes to earning a lucrative income, developing a wonderful life, and replacing the need to ever look for jobs ever again because you’ve cultivated what it takes to earn and developing what you’re worth, like I do!


So, I’ve said all this to let you know it’s possible.  Our Industry will allow you to becoming a Fearless Freelancer and connect with like-minded colleagues and professionals who will make you stretch and become better–financially and skillfully.


You don’t have to look for that next dreadful job which will likely lead you to seeking another job in 1-3 years again.  Don’t you want to have a flexible day, helping others succeed, and change your financial outlook by having an amazing, thriving Digital Entrepreneur career?


If so, you’re going to want to delve into each and every video in order to begin dreaming again of how you, yourself, can change your life and change your professional network.


Go to to begin today, and seriously write down some questions you have and let’s talk about the possibilities you can create–text/call me and Connect With Us On Facebook!